Hopkins, Belize: A Minimalist's Haven

Hopkins, Belize: A Minimalist's Haven

A quiet, friendly fishing town in southern Belize, Hopkins is a perfect place for aspiring minimalists. An undisturbed example of ultimate simplicity, Hopkins's laid back pace, relaxed culture and intentionally carefree lifestyle is a must visit destination for those looking to escape noise, overstimulation and everyday stress. 

Established in the late 1941 after a hurricane, Hopkins became home to the Garifuna people, descendants of shipwrecked Africans and native islanders from the Antilles. Every year on November 19th, the town gathers together to celebrate their history with local music, art, dance and food. But the other 364 days of the year, Hopkins is a minimalist's safe haven. 

Quiet & Simple

One of Hopkin's most charming qualities is how quiet and relaxed the town is. Nestled off of a long dusty road, the entire town is accessible via an easy bike road. No traffic. No hustle and bustle. Just everyday people living life in the simplest way. 

Surrounded by Nature

Whether you're a tree lover or avid swimmer/surfer, Hopkins is the place for you to get outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature. Located along Belize's southern coastline, visitors are never far away from the water but the forest and Mayan pyramids aren't far either. There's even a bioluminescent tour that grants participants a chance to stick their hands in a glowing lagoon at the city's darkest hour.  My personal favorite natured oriented activity was star gazing. Hopkins is so well preserved from technology overload that at night the sky are so bright you can almost see their actual shape. With practically zero street lights to disrupt the moment, I was 100% certain I could literally reach out and touch the stars. 

Purpose, Intentionality & Joy

There's very little excess in Hopkins. Everything, from the local gift shop to the fishermen to the local cuisine, Hopkins thrives on purpose and intentionality. Because of this, joy runs rampant throughout the town. Known as the friendliest village in Belize, Hopkins' residents are full of life, love and light. Whether you're receiving a hearty greeting while biking through the town, soaking in the laughter of the village children or dancing to the beat of Garifuna drums, joy in Hopkins is easy to find. It's ever-present and quiet contagious.


Last but certainly not least, Hopkins is a perfect place for contribution. Whether you're looking to contribute or join some of the citizen's current contributions, Hopkins is full of opportunity. While animal lovers can contribute to Hopkins' Humane Society, music heads will find purpose volunteering with Hopkins' Lebeha Drumming Center. Regardless of where your passion lies, Hopkins is a community based on contribution and service. 

Hopkins is the kind of place that reminds you that joy is the offspring of purpose and intentionality. It's simple. Calm. Life-giving and friendly. It's a breath of fresh air for rushed, tired, weary and hurried souls. It's a place to get quiet and re-center yourself. A place to remember your why. A place to connect with people and nature.

It's a minimalists special haven. Or should I say heaven. Because that's exactly how it feels - heavenly. Without burden or worry. Rejuvenating.

A very good example of heaven on earth. 



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